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2015 Northeast Dairy Convention

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FDA’s Survey of Milk Finds Few Drug Residues


Cornell Food Science Dairy Extension 2015 Conferences/Workshops


Cornell University Agri Business Outlook Conference

Dairy Industry Economic Outlook for 2015 - see chapter 6/Stephenson      CLICK HERE


Legislative Update

Consumers have the Right to Know what The Cost Will be to label GMO Products  CLICK HERE

Coalition For Safe Affordable Food  CLICK HERE

Gentically Modified Organisms (GMO) Association Policy Statement CLICK HERE

Background Information:

Whole Foods Marketing Off Unfounded Fear CLICK HERE

AAAS Board of Directors:  Legally Mandating GM Food Labels Could "Mislead and Falsely Alarm Consumers"  CLICK HERE

Join The Movement For A Food Secure Tomorrow   CLICK HERE

Grow New York State - Innovation: What it Means for Dairy Farmers  CLICK HERE



Cost Saving Member Services

Free No Commitment Professional Energy Sustainability Audit/Cost Reduction Service - ENERGY PARTNER CONSULTANTS

                   Wendy Martin    (518) 331-4627

Live Energy Auction Service - WORLD ENERGY

                   Luke McAuliffe   (917) 623-9554

Product Recall Insurance - Brown & Brown Empire State

                  Dave Wallace   (315) 474-3374

Payroll Service - ADP

                   Mark Lukasiewicz   (315) 254-6699






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