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  • Our office monitors and responds to all state legislative activity that affects the dairy industry in New York, New Jersey and New England.
  • We employ registered lobbyists that work on your behalf in Albany.
  • We regularly meet with state legislators and state regulatory agencies to express your viewpoints and further your interests.


PAC Fund
Our Political Action Committee ensures YOUR voice is heard by legislators in Albany.

New York State Disability Benefits Law (DBL) Insurance
Take advantage of the group rates available through membership to Northeast Dairy Foods Association, Inc. and save over 14% on DBL insurance.

Annual Convention
Held in August, our annual convention brings together a host of speakers whose seminars and workshops offer invaluable insight into various aspects of the dairy industry. Great for making new business contacts!

Meetings, Seminars, Workshops and more!
From OSHA Training to Succession Planning, a variety of seminars and workshops are made available to our members. We'll address changing trends, new technology and more cost-effective operating practices, all focused on making your business easier and MORE PROFITABLE!


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